Have your office at your disposal all the time, anywhere. With your cloud office and your hosted applications, the world will be the limit.

  • hosted applications

    Business Accounting

    Quickbooks on cloud anywhere

    We know how important is Quickbooks for your business. With your hosted Quickbooks you will have access to it at every moment, taking care about your business transactions and accounting anytime.

    We can give you access to a licensed Quickbooks, but if you prefer, we can install your own license. No extra charge.


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    Business Tools

    Microsoft Office on cloud anywhere

    The best and newer Microsoft Office Tools to keep your business running.

    A complete suite that you already know. Drive and support every project using the best Office Tools. Set up your Microsoft Outlook and centralize your email accounts, make a professional presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint and write the best stylized documents with the power of Microsoft Word.


  • remote desktop

    Business Access

    As simple as using your own Computer

    We are going to give you access by Remote Desktop Protocol. The simplest way to reach your office in a few seconds.

    Once you are connected you will have a regular Microsoft Windows Screen. All your Office applications right there with a few clicks. Nothing difficult or complex, we promise.


Do not pay expensive IT support bills, let us give you the peace of mind to focus on your business giving you the best cloud solutions.

VPS Free Trial

Just request your trial and we will set up the VPS for you. Try it now without commitment.